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Devastating floods in Pakistan

By October 7, 2022November 11th, 2022No Comments

The devastation caused by floods due to the current monsoon in Pakistan is still ongoing. Millions of people have been displaced from their homes due to the catastrophic flooding, which has overwhelmed government relief efforts and claimed the lives of thousands.  Many public health facilities, water systems and schools have been destroyed or damaged. Villages have been washed away leaving millions of children in need of immediate, lifesaving support, and at increased risk of waterborne diseases, drowning and malnutrition (UNICEF, 2022).

Our Spark+ Team with Kanwal Rathi, CFAMohammad Hayat, CFA and Khizr Iqbal pitched their desire to support people in Pakistan through these difficult times to the Senior Management Team at Enabling Qapital AG. We believe in moving money to meaning and are currently supporting two projects for flood relief in Pakistan. These projects are providing solutions for rebuilding homes, setting up medical camps, ensuring adequate and hygienic food distribution, cash support of Rs. 4,000 per family as well as interest- free loans to aid in the rehabilitation phase.

However, much more is needed to ensure that all families displaced by floods are assisted in overcoming this climate disaster. Follow the links below to see how you too can help.