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Moving Money to Meaning

Enabling Microentrepreneurs Together With FINCA Tajikistan

By January 7, 2022August 4th, 2023No Comments

Rustam Buriev started his farming business many years ago.
In 2013 he applied for his first loan at Finca Tajikistan, with the purpose to help finance the expansion of his garden.
The enlargement was much needed for him to be able to grow more fruits, rice and wheat.
Subsequently he managed to grow his business and payback the loan amount.
Rustam decided to apply for a second loan and even a third one, which enabled him to also purchase livestock and thereby grow his farm further.

Additional to the improvement of his farm, he was able to build a house with a big garden for his family.
With the business on stable feet, Rustam was able to pay for his children’s education and can support them also in the future for their further development.
Rustam’s increased business profitability as well as diversification.
This gave him additional faith in himself and his capabilities.
He will definitely continue taking care of his garden and cattle and thereby further develop his business.

Already over 250`000 microentrepreneurs, just like Rustam profited from the EMF Microfinance Fund.
With the EMF we want to move money to where it is most needed and beneficial for a better world.