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EQ Week Highlights

By August 11, 2022August 4th, 2023No Comments

EQ is an international company with offices in Quito, Bishkek, Karachi, Bangalore, Nairobi, and Switzerland. In our Day-to-Day Business, the teams work independently but regularly interact with team members from other nations.

After two years of COVID and travel restrictions, the different EQ teams finally met in person for the first time in Kenya, Nairobi. This first official and in-person EQ week was intense but extensively characterized by joy and mutual exchange.

The week’s structure was tightly scheduled. Team members were trained in the different underwriting processes, hedging, HR, Business Development, Marketing, and ESG.  At the same time, we fine-tuned, aligned, and completed EQ’s tools and strategies. As a result, EQ’s efficiency, operations, and tools are enhanced.

A core purpose of the EQ week was to combine business and pleasure and to build on our mission and vision and further deepen our team members’ connections. Each day, a different team presented their backgrounds and values through an exciting introduction and explanation. In addition to being very insightful, those presentations helped in understand more about each team member’s culture and personal essence. Furthermore, those creative presentations helped strengthen the bond between each other and EQ. We were able to improve and learn from tools and presentations, and we grew together, with a joint mission at heart and with great determination to make our vision a reality.

Those of us not working daily with investees had the excellent opportunity to see the impact we contribute at first sight. We were invited to meet end clients and companies we support with the EMF Microfinance Fund and Spark+.

EQ reflects on an unforgettable week and is delighted to continue moving money to meaning together.