One out of three people globally
rely on polluting cooking fuels

– a leading source of carbon emissions that kill four million
people each year. Spark+ aims to address this global crisis.

Spark+ Africa Fund is a $70 million impact investment fund financing companies that offer next-generation, distributed cooking energy solutions to the mass market in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Spark+ was launched to catalyze investment in one of the world’s most underappreciated energy challenges, and one with significant social and environmental implications in Africa, Asia, and Latin America: the dirty and unsustainable use of wood, charcoal, and kerosene for cooking.

It is a true “triple bottom line” impact investment fund, financing profitable and scalable companies that are serving a massive total addressable market for cooking energy solutions and enabling millions of African families to stay safe and healthy, and save time and money.

Companies in which Spark+ invests can produce a range of other social and environmental benefits including protecting forests, enabling greater gender equality, creating industrial and economic development, and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

The fund provides debt and mezzanine capital to leading companies throughout the value chains of cooking fuels including liquified petroleum gas (LPG), biofuels such as ethanol and pellets, electric appliances, and fuel-efficient biomass stoves.

Spark+ is the first fund of Luxembourg-based Spark+ General Partner Sàrl, a joint venture between the fund’s exclusive advisor Enabling Qapital (EQ) and Netherlands-based foundation Stichting Modern Cooking (SMC).

More detailed information about Spark+ can be found on the fund’s website.

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