Special Highlight


After two years of battling COVID and travel restrictions, all the team members were finally able to meet in person for the first time in Nairobi, Kenya in June 2022. It was an eventful few days that were filled with joy, bonding and mutual exchange.

However, it was not all fun and games. The itinerary of the week was intense and filled with meetings that touched on various topics and discussions. The team was also able to brainstorm on ways to level up their teamwork while simultaneously working towards EQ’s Mission and Vision. There was also time set aside for the overall group to break into smaller groups where they were able to fine tune, align and complete EQ’s tools and strategies. As a result, the teams not only enhanced the company’s tools, operations, and efficiency, but also managed to level up on the investee’s screening and monitoring procedures.

The core purpose of EQ week was to not only build on our mission and vision but to also deepen our team’s overall cohesiveness. Each day, different teams would make presentations on their diverse backgrounds and values. These presentations were incredibly insightful, exciting, and engaging. They helped us understand each other better and deepened our relationships with each other and the company.

Overall, EQ week was a momentous occasion. We achieved our goals of deepening the bonds between team members and improved on the company’s efficiency. We were also able to make great strides towards our overall goal of lifting each other up, while working together towards one mission and vision.

This week was also especially important to those team members who do not have the opportunity to work directly with investees daily. They got the opportunity to witness our reach and impact first hand, as we were invited to meet a few end clients as well as some of the companies that we support.

EQ reflects on an unforgettable week and is delighted to continue working together towards moving money to meaning.