Methodology for Impact measures

Theory of Change (ToC)

Greenwashing is often misused as a marketing tool therefore transparency is of the utmost importance. Certificates like SFDR 9 and B Corp are very precious to us, as they represent our fundamental goal of working towards our values.

At the same time, in order to work towards our vision of “a world where investment empowers people and embraces the planet”, we need to operate with a long-term strategy in mind. To achieve this contribution, we are working with Theories of Change (ToC) – a critical results-based management tool.

ToC enables development practitioners to understand how change happens in any given context and how the stakeholder can contribute to this change. It is both a product (a visual depiction or narrative)and a process, which takes place along the different stages of the project cycle management (PCM).

Consequently, we unpack the complexities of impact and change in framing the activities, outputs, outcomes, impacts, and underlying assumptions. We discover how these aspects are linked as well as the potential challenges they may face. Therefore, ToCs are crucial to not only improve our programs, but to also learn as we progress, towards our intended impacts.

The major questions driving our ToCs are:

What is the impact? How can we contribute to it? How can it be measured? Who are the relevant stakeholders required to achieve these goals?

Typical structure