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Unlocking Leadership Potential: The Power of EQ Leadership Training

By July 26, 2023No Comments

Christoph Dreher presents Khizr Iqbal and Kilonzo Mbwele with their certificates alongside Mariam Moige, the trainer of the leadership seminar.

At EQ, investing in our Team Members is not just a goal; it’s our mission. We recognize the vital importance of training, especially at this stage of our growth.  

In line with this commitment, we recently conducted a Leadership Training program with the theme ‘Enabling Exemplary Leadership.’ The objective was to equip all our team leaders with the necessary leadership and management skills to propel EQ to new heights. We believe in taking a proactive approach to foster leadership within our organization and the industry as a whole. 

Through this training, our team leaders gained valuable insights and practical tools to enhance their leadership capabilities. We focused on cultivating skills such as effective communication, strategic decision-making, team empowerment, and fostering a positive work culture. By equipping our leaders with these essential skills, we are confident in our ability to lead EQ towards continued success. 

We firmly believe that investing in our team members not only strengthens our organization but also fosters a culture of growth and excellence. By enabling exemplary leadership, we are confident in our ability to shape the future of EQ and to help make a significant impact within the industry. Together, we are committed to driving positive change, nurturing talent, and setting new benchmarks of leadership excellence at EQ.