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We Are Hiring In Bishkek!!

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Moving Money to Meaning

Investment Analyst Job Description

Job Category: Investment Team Member

Role Summary 

As a part of the Investment Team, the Investment Analyst (IA) will report directly to the Head of the Regional Office(RO). The primary responsibilities will include: assistance to the Investment Team members in managing RO’s investees and loan portfolios, provide administrative and logistical support to help maintain and manage regional operations.

By completing an in-depth training program, the Investment Analyst will benefit from the knowledge and mentorship of the Investment Team, to gain an understanding of investees and impact investment markets in the region. The Investment Analyst is also expected to thoroughly understand the business model and different processes used by EQ, in order to appropriately follow EQ’s procedures and apply its methodology. The learned skills will be put in use to effectively support the Investment Team in serving investees and meeting EQ’s business objectives.

The Investment Analyst will be guided by senior Investment Team members in the use of EQ’s tools in order to assist in the financial analysis and assess credit risk posed by financial institutions or other investee types. Part of his/her functions will include performing market/industry research, assisting colleagues in country and other risk analysis, preparing fund management reports, creating investor reports and other analytical support as required.

The IA will be based in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, and will be required to undertake travels in the Region, primarily to emerging market countries

Key Responsibilities 

I. Essential Duties and Responsibilities

– Contribute to the team by researching, collecting and analyzing investees operational, financial and ESG information and ensuring that the information is stored on the shared drive.
– Monitoring market systems, investees and performance.
– Prepare sections of the investment proposal to be used by Investment Team members.
– Assist in periodical analytical reviews and credit risk assessment of the outstanding loans.
– Perform other credit-related tasks regarding closing transactions, disbursement of loan proceeds and follow-ups.

II. Management of credit process

– The Investment Analyst will assist the Investment Team with the following activities:

a. Due diligence (DD)

– Complete pre-DD documentation: prepare desk reviews of the existing and potential investees, submit requests and receive initial data from investees in order to run EQ’s various analytical tools.
– Assist the Investment Team by contacting, planning and preparing due diligence trips to financial institutions or other target investees.
– Assist in draft in greports, file pre-DD, DD and other relevant documentation.
– May participate in on-site Due Diligence meetings.

b. Quality of Analysis

– Prepare detailed Country Risk reports identifying key risks and mitigation factors.
– Assist the team with macroeconomic, political, legal, regulatory, market and other risks analysis.
– Prepare and update information on regulatory and the competitive environment of the local financial / industry sector.
– Maintain up to date the existing Country Risk reports.

c. Closing and Disbursement Process

– Support and work closely with the Operations Team in the collection of legal documentation throughout the entire disbursement process.
– Collaborate with the operations department in the disbursement of loan proceeds.
– Assist in the drafting of legal documentation.

d. Monitoring

– Support the Investment Team in the management of covenants, internal watch list report and other risk reports.
– Complete key performance indicator reports.
– Assist with internal and external reporting as necessary.
– Collect information for External Audit of EQ´s managed funds.

III. Portfolio and Fund Management

– Assist the Investment Team by performing portfolio analysis.
– Consistently report analysis to supervisors, Portfolio Management Team and other team members.
– Perform research and monitor financial markets, collect and report information on investees and support other departments in identifying new business opportunities, building pipelines and expanding business.

IV. Communication

– Maintain a close relationship with assigned investees, EQ colleagues worldwide and third parties(e.g., investors, regulators, legislators, government representatives, and other stakeholders).

V. Technical Development

– Contribute in the development of internal tools and procedures.
– Participate in technical task forces and support management teams.‍

Detailed Key Performance Indicators (KPI´s)

– Quality of Due Diligence documentation preparation and monitoring relationship with the financial institution or other credit provider.
– Ability to identify key country risks and mitigating factors
– Quality of coordination efforts with Operations Team for disbursements.
– Quality of prepared and updated reports (Country Risk Analysis, Portfolio Management, internal/external reports, etc.)
– Support maintaining and updating pipeline for existing and future funds.
– Investor relationships quality management (reporting, presentations, etc.)

– Collaboration with the Investment Team colleagues and other areas.
– Employee communication and relationship with third parties.
– Development and maintenance of EQ analytical tools.

Competences Required

– Demonstrated interest in the impact investment industry.
– Strong financial analysis skills.
– Strong analytical and quantitative skills.
– Capability to draw appropriate conclusions from the information available.
– General knowledge of assessing credit risk and developing investment proposals.
– Comprehensive understanding of political and economic context, especially in emerging markets.
– Aptitude to work in a multinational and multicultural environment.
– Ability to identify critical issues and communicate effectively to the team.
– Outstanding communication and presentation skills.
– Excellent written and spoken English.
– Proficiency in Microsoft Office, with advanced skills in Excel.

Preferred Qualifications

– Degree in finance, economics or a related field.
– Preferably two years of working experience in areas such as banking, impact investment or economic development.
– Previous experience analyzing financial institutions and credit risk assessment.
– Experience in conducting financial and ESG due diligences.
– Demonstrate interest in impact investing, emerging markets development, SDG’s initiatives, green energy or energy transition projects.
– Additional languages from the region.

Personal Profile

– Proactive, result-driven and willingness to perform both technical and administrative tasks.
– Effectively work in small teams and in highly challenging/rapid changing working environments.
– Capability to work in a fast-paced environment.
– Ability to work in multiple tasks simultaneously and meet tight deadlines.
– Advanced personal organization and planning skills.
– Flexibility and openness to assist other team members.


– Deadline application: 13 February 2022
– Please send your CV, cover letter and references to:
– Make sure to include application documents, salary expectations and possible starting date.
– Thanks for your interest but ONLY shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.