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We are hiring! Senior Vice President (SVP)

Senior Vice President (SVP)

Job Category: Investment Team Member

Role Summary

The Senior Vice President (SVP) will be responsible of a specific thematic fund that EQ is currently developing. The SVP reports directly to Senior Management. The SVP must have a thorough understanding of financial markets, impact investment trends, business environments and the specific fund theme. The SVP will be responsible for overall management of fund design, fundraising, and implementation of the thematic fund and subsequently for the day-to-day management of the fund investment strategy.

The SVP must possess leadership and management skills and must acquire thorough knowledge of EQ’s business model and processes, and experience in applying its methodology. The SVP is responsible for supervising and enforcing the adequate implementation of EQ’s tools and methodology among its team.

He/she is expected to manage his/her team members and perform quality control of business processes and outputs, identify weaknesses, and determine and implement corrective actions.

The SVP will be required to undertake frequent travels, to both developed and emerging countries.

Key Responsibilities

1. Fund Design

  • Contribute to the team by researching, collecting and analyzing investees operational, financial and ESG information and ensuring that the information is stored on the shared drive.
  • Perform research and monitor financial markets, collect, and report information on market trends and target investees.
  • Review, understand and refine the thematic fund investment model.
  • Develop the investment strategy and the impact strategy of the thematic fund.
  • Design the fund structure.
  • Prepare the thematic fund’s marketing documentation.

2. Implementation and closing

  • Be among the list of primary contacts and relationship for prospect investors.
  • Lead fundraising activities with investors, research and identify potential new investors, submit applications, build relationships, and provide procurement and administrative support during final funding negotiations.
  • Develop legal documentation for the fund.
  • Define fund processes, policies, and procedures in line with EQ’s existing ones.
  • Finalize fund closing
  • Management and Investment Process
  • Identify new business opportunities and build pipelines.
  • Lead the investment selection process of investees.
  • Participate in negotiations with potential investees to define investment terms.
  • Participate in on-site Due Diligence of the current or prospective investees, collect, organize, analyze, and report information and findings obtained during the DD trips to the Investment Team.
  • Prepare or assist other Investment Team members with the preparation of investment proposals to be submitted to the Investment Committee.
  • Present investment proposals in the internal or external Investment Committee meetings.
  • Support and assist preparing transaction documentation, negotiating and closing the loan deals.
  • Collaborate with the operations department in deal closing disbursement.
  • Assist drafting legal documentation.
  • Support the Investment Team on monitoring of existing investments as required.

3. Portfolio and Funds Management

  • Support in the creation of portfolio analysis reports required by the Portfolio Management Team, Senior Management Team and/or investors.

4. Management

  • Create a business plan of operations for the thematic fund, managing a budget.
  • Organize and manage business processes and operations for the thematic fund.
  • Ensure meeting business objectives and targets set for the thematic fund.
  • Manage a team, provide leadership and guidance, assign tasks, monitor, and control implementation of the business plan and pipeline of each team member.
  • Monitor travel schedules for the team.
  • Manage the team’s workload and HR requirements.
  • When necessary, perform recruitment duties.

5. Communication

  • Initiate and maintain communication with current and prospect investors and investees.
  • Participate, represent and present at conferences and to investors.
  • Supervise work of junior team members including proofreading/evaluation of analytical work.
  • Support senior management in personnel management, human resource development and training.
  • Work with senior management team in the presentation and reporting of the thematic fund’s activities.
  • Participate in investor calls and presentations.
  • Technical Development
  • Collaborate in the development of internal tools and procedures.
  • Participate in technical task forces and support management teams.
  • Contribute to new product development.
  • Participate in the development of new funds, either regional or global ones in liaison with the SDGs.

Detailed Key Performance Indicators (KPI´s)

  • Attainment of fund objectives. Development and implementation of detailed business plans and budgets.
  • Actual disbursements during the period of evaluation versus the business plan (volume, number of clients, number of countries).
  • Proactiveness and autonomy in investees negotiation.
  • Fund contribution margin based on the different investment performed.
  • Adequate Team Management (Administrative).
  • Personal contribution margin to EQ, based on the individual AUM.
  • Ability to present investment proposals independently and to respond to questions/concerns from the Investment Committee.
  • Quality of analysis: investment memo aligned to the financial strength of the target company.
  • Relationship Management with investees and quality of communication and relationship with third parties (e.g., investors, regulators, legislators, government representatives, and other stakeholders).
  • Management of local SPV/Companies when applicable.
  • Collaboration with colleagues and proper communication skills.
  • Development and maintenance of EQ analytical tools.

Competences Required

  • Demonstrated interest in the impact investment industry.
  • Leadership skills and personnel management skills, with previous experience.
  • Strong and proven financial analysis skills.
  • Excellent investment judgement and “sense of the deal”.
  • Training and mentoring experience and skills, ability to recognize and promote talented professionals.
  • Aptitude to work in a multinational and multicultural environment. Result-driven, able to work in a fast-paced environment, flexible with “hands-on” approach.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills in a professional manner.
  • Public speaking experience and skills.
  • Excellent written and spoken English skills.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, with advanced skills in Excel.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Degree in finance, economics, or related field; master studies preferably.
  • Relevant leadership and management experience.
  • At least 13 years of working experience in areas such as private equity, impact investment or economic development.
  • Experience in raising funds or secondary transactions will be considered a plus.
  • Previous experience in sourcing, executing, and completing successful debt and equity transactions.
  • Successful track record of exits.
  • Demonstrate interest in impact investing, emerging markets development, SDG’s initiatives, green energy or energy transition projects.

Personal Profile

  • Proactive, result-driven and willingness to perform both technical and administrative tasks.
  • Effectively work in small teams and in highly challenging/rapid changing working environments.
  • Ability to work in multiple tasks simultaneously and meet tight deadlines.
  • Advanced personal organization and planning skills.
  • Ability to lead teams of skilled professionals in highly challenging work environments and conditions, flexibility in approach and capability and willingness to assist other team members with their tasks.
  • Flexibility and openness to assist other team members.
  • Ability to assume a high degree of responsibility and accountability.
  • Self-starter with good work habits and positive energy.
  • Ability to frequently undertake work related travel in both developed and emerging countries.


  • Deadline application: May 31, 2022.
  • Please send your CV, cover letter and references to:
  • Make sure to include application documents, salary expectations and possible starting date.