Our Investors reach roughly

400 000


with their investments through the

EMF Microfinance Fund

Investment Strategy

The Enabling Microfinance Fund was founded in 2008. Since its inception, it has been a pure private debt fund, investing in microfinance institutions (MFI) in emerging and frontier markets. All the currencies are systematically hedged. This allows investors to obtain stable, uncorrelated, and attractive financial returns while fostering financial inclusion.

This pure debt fund offers investors a capital preservation and growth strategy with a target return of 3-4% above Libor/ SOFR. In order to manage the investment risk, the Fund diversifies across a large number of countries, a broad range of MFIs, and a strong blend of maturities, to achieve liquidity for investors.

Enabling Qapital has a team across all continents with strong investment expertise and a state-of-the-art underwriting process as well as risk management.

Social Impact

The Enabling Microfinance Fund fosters financial inclusion and shared prosperity. Microfinance institutions provide loans and increasingly savings, insurance and related products to low-income groups.

The fund’s focus on supporting financially sound, impact-focused local financial intermediaries enables the population of enrepreneurs to create and grow income-generating activities and to break out of poverty. Expanding access to financial services for these customers promotes resilience, business growth, and helps generate and secure sustainable employment. This is key to unlocking the potential to deliver large-scale growth in formal employment within developing countries, leading to poverty reduction at scale over the long term.

The Enabling Microfinance Fund supports microfinance institutions in expanding their outreach, improving the quality and appropriateness of their financial services, and encourage the development of new products such as savings, insurance and payment services.

The EMF Microfinance Fund actively supports 13 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Foundation Share classFamily Office Share classInstitutional Share class
Mgmt. Fee1,851,451,2
TER (exp.)2,21,751,5
RedemptionsMonthly, 30 days notice*Monthly, 30 days notice*Monthly, 90 days notice
Min. SubscriptionUSD/EUR/CHF
ISIN distributingUSD: LI0146840744
CHF: LI0477626480
USD: LI0542527192
CHF: LI0477626498
EUR**: LI0542527200
USD: LI0562930367
CHF: LI0594144581
EUR**: LI0595801346
ISIN reinvested
USD: LI0146840751USD: LI0477626506
CHF: LI0544844314
EUR: LI0498082135
USD: LI0542527226
CHF: LI0544844322
EUR: LI0542527242

*Each investor may redeem not more than 1% of Sub-Fund’s NAV (last available NAV). If more than 1% of Sub-Fund’s NAV are redeemed, a redemption period with 90 daysnotice is applied.
‍**Share class will be opend for subscriptions at client’s request

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