The Diversity

of our team is our greatest asset

The Diversity

of our team is our greatest asset

Enabling Qapital: Our People


With over 55 team members speaking more than 21 languages and representing 12 countries, financial expertise converges with a diverse mix of talents from various backgrounds.


Global Presence


We value and celebrate the diverse cultures within our organization, considering it a crucial element of our success. This diversity allows us to overcome language and cultural barriers, facilitating more effective interactions with our investee companies worldwide.

EQ Board and Executive Management

Istarel Brucker
Istarel BruckerChairperson of the Board
Anela Bouthors
Anela BouthorsIndependant Board Member
Laura Aarnio
Laura AarnioIndependant Board Member
Christoph Dreher
Christoph DreherBoard Member & Executive Management
Chuck Olson
Chuck OlsonBoard Member & Executive Management
Kazim Mohamed Ali
Kazim Mohamed AliExecutive Management
Remo Oswald
Remo OswaldExecutive Management
Roger R. Müller
Roger R. MüllerExecutive Management
Xavier Pierluca
Xavier PierlucaExecutive Management

Business Development & Marketing

Raphael Guitton
Raphael GuittonBusiness Development
Marine Lacoudrée
Marine LacoudréeMarketing Manager
Spring Lonneker
Spring LonnekerBusiness Development


Sameer Bashir
Sameer BashirFinance and Accounting Officer
Aman Bhatnagar
Aman BhatnagarDigital Transformation Manager
Khizr Iqbal
Khizr IqbalFinance Manager
Daphne Onwonga
Daphne OnwongaBusiness Administrative Assistant
Rodgers Opere
Rodgers OpereHuman Resource Manager

Investment Management

Investment Product Management, Portfolio Management & Investment Execution

Taimour Khan
Taimour KhanHead of Analytics & Deputy Portfolio Manager
Kilonzo Mbwele
Kilonzo MbweleHead of PM & Investment Solutions
Doryne Mimano
Doryne MimanoHead of Investment Execution
 Miranda Phua
Miranda PhuaHead of Investment Product Management
Alexandra Borja
Alexandra BorjaInvestment Execution Officer
Christophe Campana
Christophe CampanaEmerging Markets Impact Bond Fund Manager
Aastha Dawani
Aastha DawaniInvestment Product Management Analyst
Aidai Eshenalieva
Aidai EshenalievaInvestment Execution Officer
Peter George
Peter GeorgeCo-Investment Director, Spark+ Africa Fund
Mohammad Hayat
Mohammad HayatInvestment Analyst
Margaret Maina
Margaret MainaPortfolio Analyst
Enock Mukabi
Enock MukabiInvestment Execution Officer
Iqbal Mukati
Iqbal MukatiJunior Data Analyst
Daniyal Naveed
Daniyal NaveedSenior Data & Portfolio Analyst
Wladislaw Solounov
Wladislaw SolounovSenior Vice President Secondary Fund
Silvia Spear
Silvia SpearRisk Management Advisor / IPM

Investment Management

Investment Origination – Africa

Olivia Fechner
Olivia FechnerRegional Manager - Africa & Middle East
Brian McConnell
Brian McConnellVice President
Innocent Baluge
Innocent BalugeInvestment Analyst
Loise Muigai
Loise MuigaiInvestment Officer
Constatine Mungai
Constatine MungaiSenior Investment Analyst
Uzair Nizami
Uzair NizamiSenior Investment Analyst
Gerald Njugi
Gerald NjugiInvestment Officer

Investment Management

Investment Origination – Asia

Eleonora Castaldo
Eleonora CastaldoRegional Manager Asia
Elisabetta Bertotti
Elisabetta BertottiAssociate Vice President
Subhojeet Chatterjee
Subhojeet ChatterjeeInvestment Officer
Chandrani Podder
Chandrani PodderAssociate Vice President

Investment Management

Investment Origination – Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia

Urmat Imankulov
Urmat ImankulovRegional Manager Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia
Farida Abdulhafizova
Farida AbdulhafizovaHead of Sustainability Department
Abdul Ijaz
Abdul IjazInvestment Officer
Amina Kasmakhunova
Amina KasmakhunovaInvestment Officer
Shambet Kurmanbekov
Shambet KurmanbekovInvestment Analyst
Kubanychbek Sapiianov
Kubanychbek SapiianovSenior Investment Analyst
 Urmat Sarpekov
Urmat SarpekovAssociate Vice President
Aizada Sheralieva
Aizada SheralievaJunior Investment Analyst

Investment Management

Investment Origination – Latin America

Agustín Villalba
Agustín VillalbaRegional Manager Latin America
Luis Gabriel Alba
Luis Gabriel AlbaAssociate Vice President
Sebastián Cóndor
Sebastián CóndorJunior Investment Analyst
Juan Fernando Larrea
Juan Fernando LarreaInvestment Officer
Begoña Leiva
Begoña LeivaInvestment Officer
María Paulina Martínez
María Paulina MartínezInvestment Officer
Carolina Ordóñez
Carolina OrdóñezInvestment Officer

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