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The world’s most urgent problems are being addressed by the expanding impact investing market, which is funding initiatives in fields like sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, conservation, affordable and accessible basic services including housing, healthcare, and education. (GIIN, 2019)

What is impact investment ?


Impact investments are investments that are made with the goal of producing both a positive financial return and a verifiable social and/or environmental impact.


Impact investing is now a popular practice among investors worldwide as a means of maximizing the positive potential of money. It contradicts long-held beliefs that market investments should only be focused on generating financial returns, and that social and environmental issues can only be addressed through charitable donations.


WHY : By making investments that also generate financial returns, investors have a variety of realistic options to advance social and environmental issues. This dual approach harnesses the power of capital markets while actively contributing to positive change.


How profitable are impact investments ?


Reports on investments covering emerging economies, established markets, and the market as a whole generally show that portfolio performance meets or exceeds investor expectations for both social and environmental effect and financial return.


The EMF Enabling Microfinance Foundation is at the forefront of driving positive change through microfinance initiatives


The non-profit EMF Enabling Microfinance Foundation is closely linked to the EMF Microfinance Fund with the target of generating the greatest possible social impact by reducing poverty. While the fund is the main instrument for achieving this goal, this charitable foundation is additionally used to launch new projects to improve the conditions along the microfinance value chain, such as a microfinance training program for women..


At Enabling Qapital, we believe in the power of moving money to meaning. Access our most recent sustainability report here.

Our Impact

Microborrowers reached by MFIs in our portfolio
Microborrowers reached by funding provided by EMF
Rural Clients
Female Clients
Loan Officer
Tons of CO2 avoided by Portfolio Companies

Theory of Change (ToC)

Transparency is crucial as greenwashing is often misused, which is why we highly prize certificates like SFDR 9 and B Corp, as they reflect our commitment to our core goal of aligning investments with our fundamental values.


Our overarching vision is to create a world where investments empower people and nurture the planet, and to guide us, we utilize Theories of Change (ToC). This powerful tool not only helps us understand how change occurs in various contexts and how we can contribute to it, it serves as both a visual representation and a process that spans different stages of project cycle management. Through ToCs, we dissect the intricacies of impact and change, connecting activities, outputs, outcomes, and underlying assumptions. This approach not only enhances our programs but also fosters continuous learning as we work toward our desired impacts.

Financial inclusion

Microfinance refers to the provision of financial services, such as small loans, savings accounts, and insurance, to low-income individuals and communities who typically lack access to traditional banking services. These services are often provided by microfinance institutions (MFIs).


The primary goal of microfinance is to promote financial inclusion and poverty alleviation by empowering individuals and small businesses to access capital and manage their finances effectively. Microfinance institutions may charge interest on loans to cover their operational costs and generate some profit, but the focus is on social impact rather than maximizing financial returns.


Access to Energy

Impact investment refers to investments made with the intention of generating both financial returns and positive social or environmental impact. Impact investors seek to address specific social or environmental challenges while also earning a financial return on their investments. Impact investments can take various forms, including investments in microfinance institutions, renewable energy projects, affordable housing, education, healthcare, and more. Impact investors typically measure and report on the social and environmental outcomes of their investments, in addition to their financial performance.

EQ’s impact investing landscape: Financial inclusion & Access to energy Investing.

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