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Meet Mary Mukuria From Our Team In Nairobi!!

By January 7, 2022January 15th, 2022No Comments

Why Enabling Qapital?
I resonate deeply with EQ’s mission “Moving money to meaning”.‍

Duties of Work?
Analyzing debt and equity ‘impact-inclined’ investment opportunities across the financial services and energy sectors in Africa.‍

What were you doing before working here?
I worked at an investment bank as an ‘equity research analyst’ tasked with providing research coverage on public companies listed on the bourse.‍

Name3 things that you and your team have in common?
(1) A great sense of humor/ Unapologetic banter (2) GRIT(3) Refer back to point one‍

Coffee or tea person?
Tea person; both hot and cold brew.‍

What’s a favorite item you’ve had on your desk at some point?
A globe. Serves as a kind reminder that the world needs to be seen, and the travelling funds need to be earned.