2023 End-of-Year Company Call


Reflecting on an extraordinary End-of-Year call at EQ! We didn’t just celebrate wins; we savored the sweet taste of success, toasted to our shared victories, and reminisced about the incredible journey that brought us here.



Our progress was more than just milestones—it was a testament to the passion and dedication of every member of the EQ family. Each challenge we faced only fueled our determination to reach greater heights, and the journey was made richer by the collaborative spirit that defines us.


Welcoming our fantastic new team members felt like adding new colors to an already vibrant canvas. Their fresh perspectives and boundless energy have already become integral to our collective drive, setting the stage for an even more exciting 2023. Gratitude fills the heart as we think about the incredible team that makes EQ what it is. Hard work, creativity, and resilience are the pillars of our success. Here’s to each one of you who contributed to making 2023 remarkable!


As we chart our next moves, let’s carry forward the lessons learned, the bonds strengthened, and the shared victories that define us. The journey ahead holds untold possibilities, and we are thrilled to embark on it with this exceptional team. Cheers to an amazing year behind us and the boundless potential that awaits in 2024!

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