Client Story – Freshpro Farm Limited

Freshpro Farm Limited

The company Freshpro, which was established in 2016 initially delivered fresh products from different localities to urban areas in Nairobi. In 2018, they transitioned to dairy processing by setting up a bigger facility in Githunguri (Kiambu County, Kenya). The company began operations in 2019 and expanded its presence shortly afterwards to four cities: Keringet, Chogoria, Embu and Njoro.

Freshpro’s rapid growth stems from an innovative farmer-first approach. From 2019, the company has rapidly expanded to handling 21,000 liters of milk per day. This was partly due to the farmer-centric approach taken by Freshpro, whereby they offer several services to making farmers businesses more viable. This approach includes for example, providing subsidies, training, artificial insemination and veterinary services for the farmers.‍


In cooperation with Sumac, Freshpro works on including their customers and employees into the financial system. By working with Sumac, the farmers are consistently paid within the first 5 days of each month. The company is working with Sumac to increase the uptake within the farmer network, providing them with payment, insurance, savings, and loan product solutions. Consequently, 200 of the farmers working with Freshpro already have bank accounts with Sumac.‍


As a next step, Freshpro is evaluating the switch to clean energy sources and are currently discussing with Sumac to get an alternative clean energy source. This transition to a more energy efficient and clean company would enable Freshpro to reduce their overhead costs in a very sustainable fashion.



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