Planning Week 2024

EQ Planning Week 2024

Enabling Qapital (EQ) is actively engaged in more than 50 Emerging Markets. Since the inception of EQ, each business year begins with a planning session in which the past is reviewed, and different scenarios for the upcoming year are discussed and planned for. The aim is to be as well-prepared as possible for whatever changes may occur, recognizing that in Emerging Markets, change is the only constant.

The 2024 planning session was held at the EQ Nairobi office in Kenya. During this week-long session, the Senior Management Team, alongside the Regional Managers, Risk, Portfolio Management, Financial Modeling, Investment Execution, HR, and Marketing teams, gathered to assess the overall performance in 2023 and consider various scenarios that may unfold in 2024.


These various scenarios encompass a range of possibilities, including fluctuations in investor inflows and outflows, shifting yield environments, evolving political or regulatory developments, and other potential events. Our activity thrives in uncertain times, and our determination is to be prepared for success in all environments. Our extensive experience in Microfinance has taught us that preparation is the key to delivering the exceptional results we have consistently achieved in the past.


Next to the planning sessions, we seized the opportunity to highlight the impact of our microfinance initiatives. Together with investors and partners, we ventured into the field, visiting several Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) and Clean Cooking companies within our portfolio. We also engaged directly with end clients to gain insights from their experiences. This experience provided a deeper understanding of the real-world impact of our work.









EQ’s proactive approach across more than 50 emerging markets ensures preparedness for the ever-changing landscape. The 2024 planning session in Nairobi brought together our diverse teams to analyze our performance in 2023 and strategize for 2024. With our focus on scenarios like investor trends, yield fluctuations, and regulatory changes, we not only adapt but thrive in uncertainty. Our expertise in microfinance reinforces the importance of preparation for delivering exceptional results. We’re ready for success in any environment and committed to moving more money to meaning.


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