The Role of Servant Leadership in Team Building


Good governance and servant leadership are at the core of our sustainability strategy. They define our shared goals and are the foundation of our mission and vision to move money to meaning in a world where investments strive to empower people and embrace the planet.



A leader who practices servant leadership puts the needs and interests of their team or company first. This method places a high importance on teamwork, empathy, and the development and well-being of all parties involved. Servant leaders put the needs of the team ahead of their own and endeavor to foster an environment that is upbeat, encouraging, and empowering.


EQ’s team being largely remote, whenever Team Members from different regions get the chance to meet in person, an opportunity arises to better develop their communication and interpersonal skills. We encourage team building activities as they offer great opportunities to get to know one’s coworkers, to strengthen the links between team members, as well as to develop a number of team abilities through fun activities outside of the typical workplace.




Below are the proven advantages and benefits from our team building activities;

Improving communication

Working peacefully might be challenging if there is poor communication among coworkers. Conflicts between coworkers can affect several things, including motivation and efficiency. Games and other activities designed to establish a team are especially beneficial for fostering communication among coworkers. It is beneficial to connect with one another, talk about, and engage in the activity itself before debriefing it.


Promote team cohesion

Thanks to the activities planned, team building can assist you or your group in breaking the ice more quickly and feeling more integrated. Additionally, it enables coworkers who don’t always get along or who might find it difficult to work well together to (re)discover each other by taking a fresh look at their connection. Getting off to a fresh start in a friendly and enjoyable setting could result in a more effective and efficient work relationship. Employee relationships are strengthened via team activities, which may even result in friendships.


Discovering and using each other’s skills

Your coworkers will learn skills through games, sports, talk shows, or any other sort of organized activity for a team building event. While these talents may initially appear insignificant, they may be great assets once learned and applied to the workplace.

For instance, many games allow you to hone skills like memory, focus, patience, or resilience—aspects of teamwork that are extremely important.


Stimulating and motivating colleagues

Having fun with the folks you work with five days a week outside of the office is crucial. It’s crucial to be able to demonstrate your personality outside of work. Putting together a fun activity for your coworkers is another way to express gratitude for their hard work and dedication.


Having a good time with colleagues

Simply put, the main objective is to enjoy yourself with your coworkers, even if it comes last on our list! Share an adventure, a game, or an experience… When planning a team development activity, you should also look for opportunities for fun, relaxation, and meeting new people.




In conclusion, at EQ we use the servant leadership approach to promote a climate of cooperation through fostering open dialogue and teamwork as well as the overall success of the organization. We put our team and community’s success and well-being first, fostering an environment that encourages growth on all levels. Through servant leadership we build a better corporate culture because employees strive for a common objective.

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