Three Year Loan Agreement For Golomt Bank



We are pleased to announce that we provided a loan to Golomt Bank in Mongolia an exciting and innovative business focused bank.

We are happy to be working with such an exciting bank and supporting them through this crisis.


On September 02nd, 2020, Golomt bank signed a 3 year loan agreement for USD 5 million with Enabling Qapital AG as part of our bank’s commitment to support our clients and deliver diversified funding sources to harbor growth.


Golomt bank is dedicated to expand its international partnerships and deliver diversified funding sources with impact and sustainability principle for our SME clients to support business growth, job creation and overall development of the emerging market through all available mid to long term financing solutions.


Enabling Qapital AG advises the Enabling Microfinance Fund which is an impact investment fund located in Ruggell, Liechtenstein founded in 2008 with an aim to support promising, responsible, profitable and sustainable Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Financing Intermediaries that focus on achieving social impact. Enabling Qapital AG enables access to capital where it is needed most and to promote financial inclusion to people in developing economies currently overlooked by the financial system.


Golomt Bank is a leading bank in Mongolia, with MNT 6 trillion in assets as of June 31st, 2020 serving corporate, SME and retail customer segments across the country. Golomt Bank aims to help its clients build sustainable businesses and with this goal in mind, Golomt Bank is working to bring favorable and diversified funding solutions to its clients.


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