Investing With Impact


The world’s most urgent problems are being addressed by the expanding impact investing market, which is funding initiatives in fields like sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, conservation, affordable and accessible basic services including housing, healthcare, and education.

(GIIN, 2019).

Impact investments are investments that are made with the goal of producing both a positive financial return and a verifiable social and/or environmental impact.

Impact investing is now a popular practice among investors worldwide as a means of maximizing the positive potential of money. It contradicts long-held beliefs that market investments should only be focused on generating financial returns, and that social and environmental issues can only be addressed through charitable donations.

By making investments that also generate financial returns, investors have a variety of realistic options to advance social and environmental issues.

How profitable are impact investments?

Reports on investments covering emerging economies, established markets, and the market as a whole generally show that portfolio performance meets or exceeds investor expectations for both social and environmental effect and financial return.

At Enabling Qapital, we believe in the power of moving money to meaning. Below is a copy of our most recent Impact report, showcasing the performance of our investments.

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The Foundation – A Guarantee for Double Impact

The non-profit Enabling Microfinance Foundation is closely linked to the EMF Microfinance Fund with the target of generating the greatest possible social impact by reducing poverty. While the fund is the main instrument for achieving this goal, this charitable foundation is additionally used to launch new projects to improve the conditions along the microfinance value chain, such as a microfinance training program for women.

Working along this value chain to establish and strengthen financing institutions, the foundation is an important driver of qualitatively and quantitatively sustainable sector development. This dual approach is an important factor in strengthening the sector as a whole, supporting norms and standards to protect the interests of the various stakeholders in this new investment value chain, so as not to introduce counterproductive overflows, misuse or abuse of capital into unaccustomed populations.

The EMF Microfiance Fund in combination with the support work of the Enabling Microfinance Foundation aims to catalyse access to capital where it is needed most by reinforcing the financial intermediation infrastructure and by promoting more inclusive financial policies. At the same time, the Fund demonstrates the commercial viability of investing in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in low- and middle-income countries and aims to inspire a new generation of investors to address the wider financing gap.

Microfinance Guarantee Fund for African Women

The latest project of the Enabling Microfinance Foundation involves supporting promising women microentrepreneurs in Kenya and Cameroon in obtaining access to microfinancing. The project foresees the establishment of a micro-finance guarantee fund within the structures of two training organisations in Kenya and Cameroon.

This provides women microentrepreneurs with the necessary backing vis-à-vis micro-finance institutions to improve credit terms and thus the economic growth potential of the women. With the Fund, training organisations will collaborate more effectively with MFIs for the benefit of microentrepreneurs, thereby fostering poverty reduction. As such the project is a model for further, similar constellations in other regions.

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