Amanat Credit


Enabling Qapital prides itself in going the extra mile to find perfectly positioned microfinance institutions in the Emerging Markets that are not yet big commercial banks but have some years of experience in a professional set-up as well as a decent size of AuM and outstanding loans.

It is our belief that by providing a loan to smaller MFIs we get a better risk return as well as a bigger impact since these MFIs tend to predominantly disburse loans that are used for business purposes to end borrowers. One of these MFIs is Amanat Credit from Bishkek Kyrgyzstan, which is led by a group of incredible women in Kyrgyzstan.






As of March 2023, their total loan portfolio was USD 11.6m, catering to 13,508 active borrowers. Enabling Qapital has been working with Amanat since June 2021 when we disbursed the first tranche of the current loan. In total, we have disbursed one loan of USD 1,600,000 in two equal tranches.


Amanat Credit provides microloans for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs from urban and rural areas through a network of 23 regional offices covering seven of the nine administrative territories in Kyrgyzstan. It also provides consumption loans to satisfy clients’ consumer needs such as school fees, medical treatment, home renovation, improvement of living conditions, etc.


EMF microfinance fund was the first international lender that provided unsecured debt to this MFI. It positively affected Amanat Credit’s ability to attract new borrowings from subsequent international lenders such as Alterfin and Central Asia Impact Fund as well as cheaper lending from local banks. The fact that Amanat Credit received a loan from a Swiss-based company was an additional source of trust for the local banks to provide cheaper additional lending to them. Through our financial support, we played a vital role in propelling the MFI to its next phase of growth. As a result, they were able to reach out to even more micro-entrepreneurs, empowering them to pursue their dreams. Moreover, this expansion allowed the MFI to extend its services to previously excluded individuals, fostering financial inclusion within the community.


It’s truly a testament to the power of collaboration and the ripple effect it can have on creating positive change. We are proud to have been a catalyst in kickstarting this remarkable journey, fueling the MFI’s mission to uplift communities and uplift lives.




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