Enabling Qapital’s Impact Echoes through Moneta Magazine, by Alternative Bank Switzerland


Enabling Qapital’s impactful journey takes center stage as we proudly present an insightful article endorsed by one of our esteemed partners and influential investors, Alternative Bank Switzerland. This article sheds light on the transformative force of microfinance investments, emphasizing their profound social and ecological impact.

Article Highlights:

Microfinance’s Direct Impact: The article underscores the power of direct investments in companies and projects, especially through microcredit lending to micro-enterprises in emerging markets. Enabling Qapital’s focus on impactful investing resonates strongly.


Microfinance’s Global Reach: Enabling Qapital’s involvement in microfinance spans 126 institutions across 45 countries, touching over 12 million lives. This impact extends to regions like India, creating transformative change.


Empowering Communities: Microfinance serves as a driving force in combating poverty and creating jobs in emerging economies. The focus on women entrepreneurs, who make up over 75 percent of recipients, highlights the dedication to gender equality and long-term growth.


Explore the full article to uncover microfinance’s potential and enduring impact.


[Read Full Article here]

With heartfelt gratitude to Alternative Bank Switzerland for their unwavering support, we unite in moving money to meaning, driving change, empowering communities, and shaping a future enriched through impactful investments.

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