Enabling SDG1 – No Poverty


Roger R. Müller, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Enabling Qapital AG, explains our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goal Number 1 – no poverty.‍

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Enabling SDG2 – Zero Hunger


We continue our #EnablingSDGs series.‍ In this video our Investment Analyst Abdul Rehman Ijaz from #Karachi explains how #EQ is contributing towards the #SDG2 – zero hunger.‍

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Enabling SDG 4 – Quality Education


Welcome to number four of our EnablingSDGs series. Managing Partner and Co-Founder Remo Oswald elaborates on how EQ is contributing to reach SDG4 – Quality Education 

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We present you the third episode of our #EnablingSDGs series.‍


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Enabling SDG 5 – Gender Equality


FARIDA ABDULHAFIZOVA explains how Enabling Qapital is contributing towards the SDG5 – Gender Equality and Women Empowermen.


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Enabling Sdg 6 – Clean Water And Sanitation


Join our investment analyst BEGOÑA LEIVA in Quito, Ecuador and find out how #EnablingQapital contributes towards the #SDG6 – Clean water and sanitation.


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EQ compensates emissions for the EQ week in Nairobi!


Sustainable performance – our responsibility: EQ walks the talk!

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EQ is now B Corp certified!


Enabling Qapital AG is now B Corp certified!

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Meet Suha- One of Jordan’s most sought after Seamstress


The Middle East (ME) and North Africa are among the regions with the lowest microfinance presence worldwide. Additionally, women and those living in rural communities are disproportionately affected by financial exclusion. In order to curb this, EQ invests in MFIs that strategically lend to women, boasting a percentage of above 85% female borrowers. Additionally, these are institutions that not only offer mostly group lending but also where 40% of the total active borrowers are rural based.

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Servant Leadership: The Guiding Philosophy Behind EQ’S Management Style


Enabling Qapital operates as a management board with each, and every Senior Management Team Member provided with the same level of authority, responsibility, and accountability vis-a-vis its peers, employees, and the board of the company.

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How the EMF Microfinance Fund promotes economic growth by focusing on Gender Equity and Financial Inclusion 


Gender equity and financial inclusion are closely related concepts that are critical for promoting sustainable economic growth and reducing poverty. 


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Lunch with… Roger Müller – About Microfinance


The co-founder of Enabling Qapital, a company that lends money to microentrepreneurs in emerging markets, on their business model. And about whether it’s fair for the poor to pay interest to the rich.

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Navigating Global Challenges: Insights from the 2023 SDG Summit


The 2023 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Summit brought together world leaders, experts, and stakeholders to tackle pressing global challenges and outline pathways toward sustainable development. Across various reports and discussions, several critical takeaways emerged.

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Unmasking Greenwashing: Our Strategic Approach to Impact Investing


At EQ, addressing the risk of greenwashing isn’t just a regulatory requirement—it’s a commitment to credibility and transparency. Our meticulous approach guides our strategies, aligns our team, and ensures our impact fund communications go beyond industry best practices. Explore how we steer through the challenges, making continuous strides in demonstrating tangible impacts and evolving alongside regulatory landscapes.


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“Higher for Longer”. The New Interest Rate Regime and its Implications for Microfinance

Recent Central Bank language as well as early economic indicators are clearly pointing towards a state of global interest rates remaining higher for longer, somewhat in opposition to previous market consensus and futures forward pricing. I joined a recent session where our portfolio management has shared its views on what that means for the microfinance industry and its return perspectives as a whole.


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Dive into the world of Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) with this Q&A


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