EQ’s Company Call 2022


Yesterday, at exactly 2pm CET, the entire EQ team logged into zoom for the company call. The call was led by Roger Muller, who introduced his fellow managing partners: Remo Oswald, Christoph Dreher, Xavier Pierluca and Chuck Olson as they all made their presentations. The senior management team thanked the team for all their hard work in the past and presented their future goals and plans for the company. 

The new team members also got a chance to formally introduce themselves to the entire company, and together, we all looked back at what a successful year 2022 has been. From launching the Spark+ Africa Fund to achieving B-Corp status, 2022 has certainly been a wonderful and impactful year for EQ.


With an excellent and hard working team that is active in 10 different regions across 4 continents, we have managed to almost double the assets under management to a total of USD 550 million. Thanks to this, more than 11 Million Endclients are reached by all the MFIs in the portfolio of the EMF Microfinance Fund.


Towards the end, the senior management team presented their end of year gifts to the team members and successfully ended the call on a high and cheery note. Every team member left that call feeling motivated, appreciated and determined to meet their goals for the next year. We are looking forward to moving more money to meaning in 2023.

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