How small farmers can produce renewable energy


Current fertilizer shortage and rising energy prices: How small farmers produce renewable energy and organic fertilizer

Enabling Qapital AG`s Co-Founders and Managing Partners, Remo Oswald and Roger Müller, recently visited in Kenya one of our 400,000+ end clients to see first-hand what EQ’s direct impact on the ground really is.


Their trip took them to a dairy farmer on the outskirts of Nairobi. However, cattle emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere through their manure. We came to learn how a small loan from a local microfinance institution, the farmer was able to buy a biodigester. Now, with the biodigester, the cow dung is converted into gas that supplies the farmer’s family with cooking gas. In addition, the residual of the manure can now be used as organic fertilizer, at no extra cost to the farmer.


With this simple approach, fewer greenhouse gases are emitted, while every aspect of this resource is used for free by the farmer. EQ is instrumental in supporting the transformation to a more sustainable economy.


Together we work towards EQ’s vision: “A world where investment empowers people and embraces the planet.”

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