Imagine a world in which women had the same access to financial services as men. Financial services are a critical part of economic development and can have a huge impact on the lives of women and their families. Yet far too many women around the world are shut out of the financial system.


When women have access to financial services, it promotes gender equality and inclusion in emerging markets. When they can open bank accounts, take out loans or receive other financial services, it allows them to take control of their own lives and futures. They’re better able to provide for their families, start businesses and invest in their communities.


Sadly, women are often denied access to financial services due to factors like income level, location, or education. This is where financial institutions can play a role in promoting gender equality and inclusion. By focusing on initiatives that promote female empowerment, institutions can help break down the barriers that keep women from accessing critical financial services.


There are many innovative ways to improve female financial inclusion and promote gender equality. One approach is to provide financial education and training to women. This can help them understand financial concepts and make informed decisions about financial matters. Financial education can also help women build their confidence and increase their earning potential.


Another approach is to offer microcredit loans to women. Microcredit loans are small loans that are designed to help borrowers start or expand a small business. They can be especially helpful for women who do not have access to traditional forms of credit.


Meghana is just one of the many examples in which EQ is making strides towards increasing financial inclusion in emerging markets, and moving money to meaning.

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