International Day of Education


We believe in the transformative power of education to change lives and communities. As we celebrate the International Day of Education 2024, we seize this opportunity to underscore our commitment to Sustainable Development Goal 4 – Quality Education. This year’s theme, ‘Learning for Lasting Peace,’ resonates deeply with our mission.

Education as a Transformative Force at EQ: At EQ, we view education as a potent force that dismantles barriers and constructs bridges between diverse cultures. Whether in traditional classrooms, virtual spaces, or informal settings, the pursuit of knowledge becomes a collective journey toward understanding and tolerance.


Nurturing a Learning Culture at EQ: As part of our commitment to education, EQ fosters a dynamic learning culture within our organization. Beyond our internal initiatives, we extend our commitment to education by taking our knowledge to schools and universities. This includes engaging lectures and interactive workshops that empower students and educators.


Some key internal initiatives include:

  • Learning Culture: A workplace that embraces continuous development.
  • Talent Programs: Leadership training for personal and professional growth.
  • Scholarship Support: Empowering individuals through academic and technical development.
  • Flexibility and Inclusivity: Adaptable work culture for global collaboration.
  • Microfinance and SDG 4: A Gateway to Education: For marginalized individuals, microfinance acts as a crucial gateway to education.


Investment in Education Initiatives: Allocating capital not only to external projects but also to internal education-focused initiatives at EQ enhances the quality and accessibility of education within our organization.


Innovation in Education: Supporting innovative approaches to education, including online learning platforms, mobile apps, and blended learning models, enhances the reach and effectiveness of educational programs, especially in areas with limited access to traditional schooling.


Access to Education: Directing impact investments towards projects that increase access to education, such as building schools in remote areas or providing scholarships to disadvantaged students, directly contributes to SDG 4’s goal of inclusive and equitable education.



On this International Day of Education, let’s renew our dedication to continuous learning. Recognizing the significance of microfinance and internal EQ initiatives, especially on this day, is essential. They serve as vital channels, bolstering education as a fundamental aspect of personal and societal progress. Embracing the ‘Learning for Lasting Peace’ theme solidifies our pledge to a future where education becomes a driving force for constructive transformation, dismantling obstacles and nurturing a worldwide community founded on comprehension, acceptance, and collaboration.

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