World Economic Forum 2024


The World Economic Forum (WEF) kicked off in Davos on January 15th, 2024. One of our Co-founders and Managing partners, Remo Oswald attended the House of Switzerland panel discussion on financing just transitions. 


The discussion was hosted by the FDFA in cooperation with the Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB), and explored current challenges linked to the lack of private green finance flowing to the global south and developing countries. They also scrutinized the need to integrate social risks and opportunities into blended capital approaches. This integration aims to contribute to the realization of equitable transitions. Switzerland emphasizes that achieving a net-zero economy and a just society requires safeguarding and respecting human rights. The private sector is seen as playing a significant role in the success of this transition.


Spring Lonneker also had the opportunity to attend an insightful session addressing the urgent need for companies to enhance their positive impact on the environment and society in the face of our current global crisis. The SBA2030 session was organized by the B Lab Switzerland Foundation and held in the SDG Tent, which serves as an inclusive and collaborative community and meeting space, fostering partnerships among organizations to accelerate meaningful change and advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


The discussion explored key challenges, including board strategies in dealing with activists, leveraging value chain initiatives, anticipating shifts in regulatory landscapes, and navigating the complexities of science-driven economies. Particularly inspiring were the welcoming remarks by André Hoffmann, Vice-Chairman, Roche & Co-Founder, InTent, Switzerland, and Jonathan Normand, CEO, B Lab Switzerland. Moderated by Katell Le Goulven and Knut Haanaes, this session not only shed light on critical sustainability paradigms but also encouraged attendees to pledge their positive impact commitments publicly.


We look forward to continuing to participate in collaborative dialogues that can reshape our approach to sustainability.

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