Meet Kazim Mohamed Ali


 Why Enabling Qapital/Woodman?

An inspiring group of people doing inspiring work – who wouldn’t want to work for company like that?

Duties of work at Enabling Qapital

As General Counsel at Woodman Asset Management I am in charge of handling all legal/compliance and regulatory matters that arise in connection with the funds managed by Woodman and advised by EQ. I review Loan Agreements, work on compliance matters and ensure the regulatory framework is respected.‍


What was the worst job you’ve ever had& what I you learn from it?

The worst job I ever had turned out in the end to be one of the best jobs I ever had. I was working in the kitchen of a restaurant during a summer break at university. It was really hard work and I used to be completely exhausted by the end of the shift. I learnt to hang in there and appreciate the bright side of things. A few weeks in and as I got the hang of it all, my perspective changed it turned out to be one of the best jobs I ever had! When I think back, I remember those times very fondly.


What is your favourite way to unwind after a busy day?

Watching a series – for example “The Mandalorian” is on my favourites list right now.


Best Holiday Place?

Mombasa, Kenya

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