MFC Silver Jubilee 2023


In the Microfinance Industry, regular engagement with Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) is crucial for fostering connections and collaboration. One effective platform for such interactions is the Microfinance Conference, where multiple MFIs can be met within a short timeframe.

Recently, the EQ Regional Team from Kyrgyzstan, responsible for Eastern Europe, Caucasus, and Central Asian Region, actively participated in the MFC Silver Jubilee, the 25th MFC Annual Conference, held in Budva, Montenegro from May 24th to 25th, 2023. The Microfinance Centre (MFC) is a social finance network dedicated to promoting fairness, inclusion, equality, and responsible service. With over 100 organizations spanning 36 countries in Europe and Central Asia, they collectively deliver responsible microfinance services to nearly 2,000,000 low-income clients. The event’s theme, ‘Thriving Together,’ aimed to celebrate the accomplishments of the MFC and its members, while also examining how their experiences and lessons learned could equip them to tackle future challenges in the next 25 years.


The team’s attendance at the conference proved highly successful, allowing them to reconnect with longstanding MFI partners and establish connections with promising new and emerging MFIs for future collaborations.


The future of microfinance presents significant opportunities and challenges, including climate change, technological advancements, the uncertain future of work, political conflicts, and global insecurity. These challenges require bold decisions, innovation, and agility. Participants at the Jubilee event were encouraged to envision their role in mitigating these challenges and developing sustainable business models. They also explored the evolving concept of work and its impact on the microenterprise sector, seeking ways to balance the immediate needs of small businesses with the necessity of future-proofing them.


Overall, the MFC Silver Jubilee Conference was a resounding success, facilitating dynamic discussions and debates on the role of social investment and patient capital in promoting the prosperity of companies and communities. Attendees had the opportunity to form new partnerships, fostering collaborations that will contribute to their future work. Engaging with Microfinance Institutions through conferences like the MFC Silver Jubilee allows industry professionals to stay informed, share insights, and build strategic relationships, ensuring a vibrant and sustainable microfinance ecosystem.

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