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Almost 30 years ago, María Cristina Estrada established her business with a tiny venue located at a small marketplace in Nicaragua. Starting with 6 pineapples, 6 melons, 50 bananas and 6 watermelons she dreamed of someday growing her business into a large store. In order to do so, she acquired loans from Financiera FAMA, a microfinance institution that had operations near her business. Maria was able to establish a good credit history with FAMA. She was repaying the loans on time, which made for a very successful long-term relationship between the two.

Working together with her husband and sons, they were able to gradually grow the business. Today, Maria Cristina has eight stands assorted with vegetables, legumes, fruits and medicinal plants.


“I am proud, to have grown my business from a small table of fruits to the eight stands we have today. By working with Financiera FAMA (a microfinance institution supported by Enabling Qapital) I have been able to achieve a sustainable business and establish a stable source of income for my family.”


During our visit in November 2020 at her market stand, she gratefully explained that her business was not significantly affected by the COVID-19 crisis, as she sells medicinal plants, which, during difficult times like these, actually caused her sales to increase, as people were looking at more natural ways to stay healthy.


We are delighted to see the substantial and positive impact that lending money to microfinance institutions can have on the individuals and families of MFI’s like FAMA, so that together, we can Move Money to Meaning.

If you want to leran more about the microfinance institution visit:

FINANCIERA FAMA (in spanish)

Moving Money To Meaning – Enabling Micro Entrepren...
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