Welcoming Kashf Foundation to our Investment Portfolio


We are committed to supporting organizations that drive positive change and make a significant impact in the world of microfinance. Kashf Foundation is a remarkable addition to Enabling Qapital’s portfolio.




About Kashf Foundation

Kashf is registered as a Non-Banking Micro Finance Company which is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Kashf was set up in 1996 as the first specialized microfinance institution of Pakistan and began operations as a Grameen replicator. Since then, Kashf has successfully carved out a distinct and unique niche for itself in the microfinance sector at home by offering a suite of innovative and transformative products and services to low-income households especially women. They believe in creating an enabling environment for women micro-entrepreneurs and are committed to creating products and services driven by client needs and demands which leverage on lessons from successful models from across the world. Kashf offers appraisal backed individual lending to its clients along with other non-financial services to have a transformative impact at the household level.


Why Kashf?

At Enabling Qapital, we have always been discerning when selecting partners for our investment portfolio, and Kashf met our rigorous criteria. We believe that their team’s passion, innovation, and dedication to financial inclusion and women empowerment make them a valuable addition to our portfolio. Their impressive track record and sustainable approach to microfinance and women empowerment align perfectly with our mission to create a positive social and financial impact.

Led by an experienced and skilled Management Team, overseen by a diverse and capable Board of Directors, Kashf prioritizes transparency, equity, and gender issues. These principles are not limited to its programmatic interventions but are also woven into the fabric of the institution. With an equal 50% gender representation at all levels of the staff hierarchy, and more remarkably a significant female representation at both senior management and board level, Kashf sets a benchmark for excellence in gender diversity and leadership development.

The addition of Kashf Foundation to our investment portfolio is a significant milestone for Enabling Qapital. We are excited to work closely with Kashf to support their continued growth and impact. Together, we aim to create lasting change in the world of microfinance and financial inclusion. Stay tuned for more updates on our collaboration with Kashf as we embark on this exciting journey together.



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