Empowering Entrepreneurship in the Azerbaijan


In the dynamic economic landscape of Azerbaijan, the story of ART RIGHT LLC stands out as a testament to AccessBank’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship. Gurbanov Tariyel, the founder of ART RIGHT LLC, embarked on his journey with AccessBank on September 14, 2017. At that time, Tariyel was involved in food sales with his father, and started with a modest business capital of AZN 15,000.




Facing challenges accessing funding from traditional banks for his new venture – an electrical goods store – Tariyel found a catalyst for change in AccessBank. As the country’s leading microfinance institution, AccessBank played a pivotal role in shaping Tariyel’s business trajectory. His initial loan of AZN 3,000 marked the beginning of a transformative journey, persistently expanding with subsequent loans from AccessBank.


Originally named AccessBank CJSC and established on October 29, 2002, as a pioneering Micro Finance Bank, the institution swiftly rose to prominence. Committed to providing responsible financial services, AccessBank has been instrumental in contributing to the sustainable development of Azerbaijan. This commitment shines through in stories like Gurbanov Tariyel’s.


Tariyel’s enterprise evolved from a private venture to a legal entity, ART RIGHT LLC, in 2020. AccessBank facilitated this growth with loans during the initial stages and subsequent loans after the legal entity was set up. Currently, with three stores in Baku, Tariyel has not only created employment opportunities but has also become a significant player in the market, with a total capital of AZN 500k and an annual turnover surpassing AZN 1M.


AccessBank takes pride in fostering success stories like Tariyel’s, remaining committed to creating a supportive environment for their customers, ensuring their businesses not only thrive but also contribute to the sustainable development of Azerbaijan. Their journey continues, hand in hand with the entrepreneurs they empower, shaping a resilient path for the people and businesses of Azerbaijan.


Empowering Microentrepreneurs in Azerbaijan
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