EQ 3-year anniversary!


Happy EQ Day! Today marks a significant milestone for Enabling Qapital as we celebrate the 3-year anniversary of EQ being the advisor for the EMF Microfinance fund.



Three years ago, four managing partners set out on a journey to move money to meaning, that has now grown to include a team of over 50 passionate individuals. We chose May 17th as our special day because ‘E’ is the 5th letter of the alphabet while ‘Q’ is the 17th, which translates to 5/17 or May 17th. As we celebrate EQ day, we reflect on our journey, celebrate our achievements, and look toward the future.


Some of our proudest moments so far include but are not limited to;
✅ The growth of our team to more than 50 team members
✅ Achieving an AuM of over USD 600million
✅ Expanding our reach and impact to more than 12 million micro borrowers
✅ Becoming a B-Corp Labelled company
✅ Launching the Spark+ Africa Fund
✅ Achieving EMF AuM of above 500m with a best-in-class performance over 12 months as well as 3 years


To our investors and partners, we thank you for your continued support in helping us achieve our goals. We are committed to creating meaningful and impactful investment opportunities that align with our values. Here’s to many more years of success, growth, and making a difference in the world!


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