EMF Microfinance Foundation

The non-profit EMF Enabling Microfinance Foundation is closely linked to the EMF Microfinance Fund with the target of generating the greatest possible social impact by reducing poverty. While the fund is the main instrument for achieving this goal, this charitable foundation is additionally used to launch new projects to improve the conditions along the microfinance value chain, such as a microfinance training program for women.

The Enabling Microfinance AG as the promoter of the EMF Microfinance Fund was owned by the EMF Enabling Microfinance Foundation since the inception of the Fund in 2008 and EQ became the Advisor as of May 2020. As of July 1st 2022 Enabling Qapital AG took the ownership of the EMF Microfinance Fund in order to adapt to the current market landscape as well as to streamline processes. Enabling Qapital AG supports the EMF Enabling Microfinance Foundation with a yearly donation to further expanding research and supporting activities towards the microfinance sector. To celebrate this cooperation, we want to provide you with a deeper insight into how the Foundation is contributing to achieve positive social and environmental outcomes through their projects with the use case of our Climate Resilience Enhanced Debt (CRED) on the next page.

The Foundation plays an integral role in establishing and strengthening financial institutions by encouraging sustainable development. Through the Fund and Foundation, EMF strives to make capital available where it’s needed most by amplifying financial intermediation infrastructure and promoting more inclusive financial policies. Furthermore, they hope to show that investing in MSMEs in developing countries can be commercially viable, inspiring future investments that address wider financing gaps.

“We need solutions which bring the sector forward.”

Werner Wallner,
Chairman EMF Enabling Microfinance Foundation