Client Visit


In this section, we would like to take you along with us to client visits in our regions. We are happy to present how the EMF Microfinance Fund enables borrowers around the world. This year we provide a sneak peak of our due dilligence visits Georgia and Mexico, as well as two special client visits of our Senior Management Team in India and Kenya.

Country: Georgia
Capital: Tbilisi
Area: 69’700 km²
Population: 3.7 Million (2020)
Language: Georgian (Official), Abkhaz (Recognized regional languages)
Currency: Georgian lari (GEL)
Geography: Transcontinental country – Intersection of Western Asia and Eastern Europe
Landscape and Climate: Mountainous country and is part of the Caucasus region, bounded by the Black Sea to the West. Climate is extremely diverse (humid subtropical zone to continental)
EMF Exposure in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA): 29.3%

The east of Georgia is strongly involved in agriculture, thanks to its nutrient-rich soil. Additionally, agricultural practices are often deeply intervened with family history. This is also the case for Nino. Thirty years ago, his father decided to purchase land and start a family business in the agro-business. Nino‘s farm is now five hectares big, and he cultivates corn, cabbage, and peppers. With the loans from Micro Business Capital, he expanded his farm by investing in a greenhouse. You can plant vegetables and fruits 3-4 times a year in a greenhouse. Thus, Nino has more harvest times throughout the year. This allows him to have more financial stability throughout the year. At the same time, he can grow a wider variety of vegetables and fruits. Currently, tomatoes grow in the greenhouse, but depending on the season, cucumbers, beans, eggplant, etc. can also be planted. This greenhouse has an irrigation system that allows regular and easy watering. The weather has become quite unpredictable due to the changing climate. Therefore, investing in the greenhouse, was also an investment towards the future. In addition, a greenhouse allows the farm fields to rest, and the soil can recover, so it can bring a high yield and remains fertile for a long time. In the future, Nino would like to expand his farm with more cows.

Nino with his cows and to the right his daughter in the greenhouse.

Urmat Imankulov, Regional Manager EECCA with Bank Respublika.

Urmat Sarpekov, Associate Vice President EECCA with Smart Credit.

Our investment team is conducting a thorough due dilligence process with every MFI we are evaluating. Whenever possible this happens on site and includes a 3-4 days process check and validation.