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The numbers are as of end of January 2023

Enabling Qapital Ltd.

Enabling Qapital Ltd. (EQ) is a leading Impact Investment Advisory Company dedicated to promoting investment that empowers people and embraces the planet. Our core aspiration is to contribute to positive social and environmental outcomes, and not just generate attractive financial returns.

Our staff is currently made up of 50 Team Members spread across the globe. We have teams based in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Kenya, Pakistan, India, the Philippines Kyrgyzstan, Canada, Mexico, and Ecuador. This enables us to provide stellar services to all our partners, investors and investees regardless of their location. EQ keeps developing and expanding. We currently advise roughly USD 550M in assets as of January 2023 via the EMF Microfinance Fund and the Spark+ Africa Fund.

Enabling Qapital is moving money to meaning.

A microborrower in a typical small shop situated in the outskirt of Bangalore, India.

EQ relentlessly engages in the promotion and advocacy of sustainability and impact. We achieve this purpose through our funds, by complying with regulations, adhering to industry standards and the objectives we share with our partners and collaborating organizations. It is therefore essential for us to live and communicate these standards in our daily business within the company

Although most of our team members have a background in finance, many have studied and worked in very diverse fields such as social work, law, mathematics or have had creative careers. EQ team members speak 21 languages, and come from 11 countries. The diversity of our team is one of our greatest assets:

  • It provides a platform where all voices are equally heard and promotes a dialogue which boosts teamwork and productivity in a harmonious environment;
  • It generates better interactions with our investee companies, by ensuring that we have no language or cultural barriers;
  • It develops fruitful team interactions, sharing views and opinions and builds on diverse perspectives and experiences

Due to the nature of our business and international activities, we still emit CO2. We limit these emissions by promoting remote work, online meetings, paper printing reduction, heating sustainably, and through the use of green energy. In addition, our offices are closely located to our investees, limiting long-haul flights and CO2 emissions to the greatest possible extent. EQ offsets its 2022 greenhouse gas emissions through Clean Cooking projects.

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