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Country: Mexico
Capital: Mexico- City
Area: 1’972’550 km²
Population: 128.9 Million (2020)
Language: Spanish the national language (de facto) – officially recognized 68 linguistic groups and 364 varieties of indigenous languages.
Currency: Mexican peso
Geography: Located mostly on the North American Continent and between the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Landscape and Climate: Diver’s landscape: high, snow-covered mountains, the interior of the country descends into a plateau and merges into tropical rainforest in the lowlands. Therefore, we can find a various climatic condition.
EMF Exposure in LATAM: 34.8%

Rancho and Juan José present their premium raspberries to EQ’s Investment Officer Carolina Ordóñez.

There are roughly 4.9 million SMEs in Mexico that are responsible for 52% of the country’s GDP and employ nearly 40% of the workforce. SMEs have become particularly important in rural areas and small towns. They not only play a prominent role in the nation’s recovery from the pandemic but contribute immensely to future economic growth as well. Seven out of every ten jobs in Mexico are created by SMEs, yet less than 30% of SMEs have access to financial solutions to scale their businesses. ProCrédito’s mission is to attend to SME financing needs through responsible financing of productive loans. These are categorized into five types of products: fixed asset loans, transportation loans, working capital, factoring, and leasing. Their product offering is distributed amongst a niche segment, divided into four key business activities – agriculture, transportation, leasing, and commerce. The FI has achieved synergies with several companies focused on the berry business in Mexico, thus creating the opportunity to structure loans that fit the productive needs of these SMEs as well as their berry farmers.

This was the case for Rancho Los Zapotes, a family-owned farm that provides premium raspberries to a large exporter. Juan José and Pablo, who are not only brothers but business partners as well have gathered numerous years of experience in providing exportgrade raspberries. Since Mexico is very diverse in terms of species, languages, and culture, it is no surprise that one of their main production goals is ecological balance. ProcCredit’s financing enabled Rancho Los Zapotes to obtain specific greenhouse tools, pesticides,
maintenance and improvement of irrigation systems, as well as all the necessary elements. This set-up ensures adequate quality, shelf life, and delicious flavors during the berry harvest.

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