Team Performance

At EQ, we work jointly towards a common goal: moving money to meaning. In order to establish goals and objectives, and to provide feedback to facilitate team-members professional growth, EQ recognizes the importance of aligning the strategic efforts of staff members to that of the company. To that end, EQ uses a tool called Management by Objectives (MBO) where managers and team members work together to set, record and monitor goals annually.

Team Work

By bringing together a group of individuals with a joint mission and vision, EQ has successfully set the ground for a healthy collaborative setting. We proudly boast a culturally diverse team, with our team members belonging to over 10 different nationalities. Despite our different and diverse cultural, religious, and social backgrounds, we proudly work together, towards our united goal of ensuring a world where investment not only empowers people but embraces the planet.


MBOs are customized to each team members individual responsibilities. A written and formal mid and end-year review, as well as a regular feedback form, are issued to all team members by their direct supervisors. This process not only enables clear and transparent expectation management on both sides but also supports personal growth and career development.

Staff Development

To support team members pursuing further studies, EQ provides educational assistance on a reimbursement basis to cover the costs of examinations for individual seminars and courses. The courses to be studied have to be directly related to the team member’s job description,so as to improve their job outcomes and ensure that the company gets a positive ROI (return on investment). EQ also grants paid time off to enable their team members to prepare and sit examinations for courses attended privately.

Low Hierarchy

True to its commitment to servant leadership, EQ has been very purposeful in ensuring fewer layers of management within the organization. This has helped to create greater coordination within team members and has made communication a lot more efficient. It has also made innovation and decision making much easier. EQ’s low hierarchy structure has helped to increase the level of responsibility and engagement among team members.