Clean Cooking Forum 2022


We are proud to announce that our very own Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Xavier Pierluca will speak at the Clean Cooking Forum 2022 in Accra, Ghana. We are delighted that during his session tomorrow, Wednesday, 12.10.22, he will discuss the importance of “Perspective on Innovation: Finance at Scale”.

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New Partnership with U GRO Capital


We are delighted to announce a new partnership with U GRO Capital!

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Financial Inclusion Week


Did you know that 1.7 billion people in this world have no access to finance?

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Devastating floods in Pakistan


The devastation caused by floods due to the current monsoon in Pakistan is still ongoing. Millions of people have been displaced from their homes due to the catastrophic flooding, which has overwhelmed government relief efforts and claimed the lives of thousands.  Many public health facilities, water systems and schools have been destroyed or damaged. Villages have been washed away leaving millions of children in need of immediate, lifesaving support, and at increased risk of waterborne diseases, drowning and malnutrition (UNICEF, 2022).

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Welcome Elisabetta Bertotti!


Why Enabling Qapital AG?

I strongly identify with EQ`s mission to move money to meaning and hope to contribute to its impact and environmental objectives and to promote positive change. I also enjoy working a multicultural environment.

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EQ is now B Corp certified!


Enabling Qapital AG is now B Corp certified!

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EQ compensates emissions for the EQ week in Nairobi!


Sustainable performance – our responsibility: EQ walks the talk!

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Spark+’s second Investment


We are happy to announce that Spark+ Africa Fund has made its second investment in Sumac Microfinance Bank Ltd, a fast-growing and profitable microfinance institution with branches throughout Kenya that take deposits and provide consumer credit.

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Welcome Christoph as our fifth Managing Partner!


Welcome Christoph as the fifth Managing Partner and COO of Enabling Qapital AG!

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How small farmers can produce renewable energy


Current fertilizer shortage and rising energy prices: How small farmers produce renewable energy and organic fertilizer

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EQ supports Velafrica`s Fundraise


Gravel roads and long distances – in developing countries, most people walk. Yet, a simple resource can radically improve their lives: a simple, robust Bicycle.

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EQ Week Highlights


EQ is an international company with offices in Quito, Bishkek, Karachi, Bangalore, Nairobi, and Switzerland. In our Day-to-Day Business, the teams work independently but regularly interact with team members from other nations.

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EMF Microfinance Fund continues to support Bank Respublika


EMF Microfinance Fund provided another subordinated loan to Bank Respublika

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EQ visits BURN


The first investment of the Spark+ Fund is to BRUN – a Bloomberg Award-winning company placed in Nairobi, Kenya. Over the last 10 years, BURN has built a successful business while proving that cookstoves can deliver transformative social, financial, and environmental impacts. With innovative and affordable Clean Cooking stoves, BURN contributes to saving forests and lives in the developing world through improved cooking solutions.

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Remo Oswald and Roger Müller visited Premier Credit in Nairobi, Kenya


Recently, Co-Founders and Managing Partners of EQ, Remo Oswald and Roger Müller, visited one of the microfinance institutions we collaborate with in Kenya, Premier Credit Limited. This is a credit-only microfinance institution that aims to build lasting relationships with its clients with a vision to see them achieve their aspirations. James Kinyanjui, the Regional Manager of the Nairobi North Region, and his team at the Kangemi branch described to us their day-to-day business activities and tasks, such as daily team meetings, target setting, strategic planning, and client updates.

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Let’s celebrate another milestone!


Exactly two years after taking over the mandate for the EMF Microfinance Fund, we reached another milestone of!

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Due Diligence process in Kyrgyzstan


Our Investment Officer from Kyrgyzstan Farida Abdulhafizova took us on a monitoring visit to the Central Branch Bank of InvesCore in Mongolia. She had an in-depth exchange with the Branch Director, Mr. Baljirjantsan, and a thorough review of loan files.

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End of our successful EQ Week in Kenya!


Our first EQ Week in Kenya was a tremendous success to strengthen our vision and mission. We are thrilled to have gotten the chance to finally meet our colleagues in person and birth new ideas.

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EQ at MFC Annual Conference 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey


Our local team from Kyrgyzstan Urmat Imankulov, Urmat Sarpekov, Kubanychbek Sapiianov, together with Managing Partner Chuck Olson participated at this year’s MFC Annual Conference 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey.

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We are happy to be a member of Swiss Sustainable Finance


Enabling Qapital AG is happy to be a member of Swiss Sustainable Finance.

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Listen to our newest Podcast Episode


In Episode 5 Enabling Qapital AG has a special guest – Silvia Spear!

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EQ Week has officially started!


An essential part of EQ’s corporate culture is team work and living its values.

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EQ announces the initial investment of Spark+ Africa Fund!


Spark+ has made its first investment in BURN to Accelerate its Multi-Country Expansion across Africa.

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Welcome Nora Röckel!


Why Enabling Qapital?

EQ is a young and growing company with a dynamic, international, highly motivated team. Simultaneously, it is inspiring to see that change and transformation in solving global issues do not necessarily have to be a contradiction in terms of being profitable.

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Happy EQ Day!


Let’s celebrate our 2nd EQ Day!

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11/05/2022 09:38


Why Enabling Qapital?

My main motivator to Join EQ having worked with investments and financial companies in the past is the ability to work in a multicultural environment, work with people from different countries with different backgrounds and be part of a multicultural, highly skilled and deeply knowledgeable team.

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Meet Mike our new Investment Team Intern!


Why Enabling Qapital?

Working for EQ enables me to contribute to a dynamic, multicultural and highly competent team that is forging positive and sustainable impact in people’s lives.

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Welcome to Kanwal!


Why Enabling Qapital?

Because of its experienced management team, a great culture and well-organized systems. 

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EQ is growing… Welcome Aidai Eshenalieva!


Why Enabling Qapital?

Very excited to become a member of an international company and work with people all over the world.

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A warm welcome to Aastha Dawani!


Why Enabling Qapital?

I had a great learning experience while working as an intern in EQ. It inspired me to join the company that is growing and has multicultural environment. Working with experienced professionals of financial industry will help me to expand my knowledge and skills.

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