Welcome Uzair Nizami!


Why EQ?

EQ offers a platform for fostering a sustainable and positive impact in developing nations.

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Welcome Amina Kasmakhunova!


Why EQ?

I like the mission of EQ!

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Navigating Global Challenges: Insights from the 2023 SDG Summit


The 2023 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Summit brought together world leaders, experts, and stakeholders to tackle pressing global challenges and outline pathways toward sustainable development. Across various reports and discussions, several critical takeaways emerged.

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Welcome Miranda Phua!


Why EQ?

Great people, a meaningful mission, and endless learning opportunities.

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Innovative Practices Disrupting the Microfinance Sector


The students of MAS Business Innovation Engineering for Financial Services at ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences got the opportunity to learn about innovative practices disrupting the microfinance sector from our Managing Partner and co-founder, Roger R. Müller.

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11th Swiss Green Economy Symposium


The Swiss Green Economy Symposium is a prestigious conference at the forefront of sustainable business practices in Switzerland. Their 11th annual conference took place on the 6th and 7th of September 2023, and one of our Managing Partners and Co-founders, Remo Oswald was among the moderators.

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Disaster Risk Finance Webinar


The World Bank Group is hosting a Webinar with Chuck Olson, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at EQ, as a featured speaker at the upcoming Disaster Risk Finance for Agriculture and Climate-Resilient Livelihood Knowledge Exchange Series.


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Welcome María Paulina Martínez!


Why EQ?​

I come from an emerging market and through EQ I can contribute to my country and the region.​

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Welcome Margaret Maina!


Why EQ?​

EQ affords me the opportunity to contribute to its mission of moving money to meaning through impact investing with a friendly, diverse and competent team.

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Ride for Impact!


Get ready to cheer as Remo Oswald, EQ’s Managing Partner and Co-Founder, gears up once again for another adrenaline-pumping annual Bike Race Charity Ride!

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Welcome Spring Lonneker!


Why EQ?

Enabling Qapital is an internationally minded, fast-growing company with a proven track record of real impact investing. I’m especially inspired by the mission of EQ to move money to meaning, as well as the exceptional people who I have had the pleasure of already meeting. I’m excited for the opportunity to join the EQ family and become a part of the journey!

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Enabling Qapital’s Impact Echoes through Moneta Magazine, by Alternative Bank Switzerland


Enabling Qapital’s impactful journey takes center stage as we proudly present an insightful article endorsed by one of our esteemed partners and influential investors, Alternative Bank Switzerland. This article sheds light on the transformative force of microfinance investments, emphasizing their profound social and ecological impact.

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Client Story – Georgia


The East of Georgia is strongly involved in agriculture, thanks to its nutrient-rich soil. Additionally, agricultural practices are often deeply intervened with family history. This is also the case for Nino. Thirty years ago, his father decided to purchase land and start a family business in the agro-business. 


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The Role of Servant Leadership in Team Building


Good governance and servant leadership are at the core of our sustainability strategy. They define our shared goals and are the foundation of our mission and vision to move money to meaning in a world where investments strive to empower people and embrace the planet.


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Welcome Marine Lacoudree!


Why EQ?

I am a believer of making positive changes wherever and whenever possible

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Welcome Iqbal Mukati!


Why EQ?

Its strong reputation in the investment industry, collaborative work environment, and opportunities for professional growth and development.


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Amanat Credit


Enabling Qapital prides itself in going the extra mile to find perfectly positioned microfinance institutions in the Emerging Markets that are not yet big commercial banks but have some years of experience in a professional set-up as well as a decent size of AuM and outstanding loans.

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Measuring Impact where it is generated.


Monitoring the outcomes of our investments is essential to ensure that we are achieving our social mission and goals and can measure our impact. At the portfolio level, we carefully select financial institutions by integrating the assessment of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks in the investment decision-making process. However, we also recognize the importance of assessing whether our investees contribute to generating positive change in the lives of their clients and households.

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Lunch with… Roger Müller – About Microfinance


The co-founder of Enabling Qapital, a company that lends money to microentrepreneurs in emerging markets, on their business model. And about whether it’s fair for the poor to pay interest to the rich.

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Welcome Aman Bhatnagar!


Why EQ?

Perfect place to utilise tech and product thinking to make a difference for the society

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EQ’s collaboration with Sofipa


Join us in celebrating our LATAM Team! A special thank you to Carolina Ordóñez, our Investment Officer, and Agustin Villalba, our Regional Manager, for their commitment and invaluable contributions.

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MFC Silver Jubilee 2023


In the Microfinance Industry, regular engagement with Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) is crucial for fostering connections and collaboration. One effective platform for such interactions is the Microfinance Conference, where multiple MFIs can be met within a short timeframe.

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Sustainable Investment Strategies by Leading B Corps


Xavier Pierluca, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Enabling Qapital and Co-Investment Director of Spark+ Africa Fund is scheduled to speak in the “Impact for Good: Sustainable Investment Strategies by Leading B Corps” webinar that will be held on 12th June 2023.

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EQ 3-year anniversary!


Happy EQ Day! Today marks a significant milestone for Enabling Qapital as we celebrate the 3-year anniversary of EQ being the advisor for the EMF Microfinance fund.


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Fi23 Impact Investing Forum


Attention impact investors!

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Enabling Qapital signed a $10m credit agreement with AccessBank


Enabling Qapital signed a $10m credit agreement with AccessBank Azerbaijan, the leading bank for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in Azerbaijan. AccessBank plays an important role in Azerbaijan’s financial sector by providing crucial support for the country’s economic growth by facilitating finance accessibility for MSMEs and we are excited to be a part of their commitment to impact investing and to the overall development of the nation.

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Spark+ Africa Fund tackles the world’s most neglected energy challenge


The Spark+ Africa Fund, created to catalyze investment in clean and modern cooking has managed to attract a number of private investors since its launch in March 2022. The companies that Spark+ invests in are not only able to grow their production capacity and technology, but their outreach as well proving that clean cooking is a sector that is developing rapidly and is in need of the continued support of public capital at a much larger scale.

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A closer look into how EQ promotes SDG 10 – Reduced Inequalities


Introduction :The Middle East (ME) and North Africa are among the regions with the lowest microfinance presence worldwide. Additionally, women and those living in rural communities are disproportionately affected by financial exclusion.

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500m AuM milestone achieved!


The EMF Microfinance Fund has achieved a significant milestone of USD 500m in Assets under Management (AuM) for the first time in its history, thanks to the support of our Partners and Investors and the hard work of the Enabling Qapital team! With this achievement, we can now impact the lives of more than 11 million micro-borrowers and help them achieve financial inclusion through microfinance, and for that, we thank you!

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How the EMF Microfinance Fund promotes economic growth by focusing on Gender Equity and Financial Inclusion 


Gender equity and financial inclusion are closely related concepts that are critical for promoting sustainable economic growth and reducing poverty. 


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