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Happy EQ Day!

Let’s celebrate our 2nd EQ Day!

Enabling Qapital (EQ) is looking back to a challenging but rewarding second year where we were able to…

… Grow EQ`s AUM to ~ 500 M

… Reach to over 100 MFIs in more than 40 countries

… Expand the EQ Team to over 40 people

… Help with the Spark+ mandate to improve living conditions, reduce environmental impact, and enhance the quality of life in sub-Saharan Africa!

All these achievements contributed to improving the life of > 400.000 micro – entrepreneurs and households in emerging markets while embracing the planet.

To celebrate EQ Day, we donated two Clean Cookstoves to the orphanage house Project Children of Paradise in Nairobi, Kenya.

Thanks to all our Investors for their trust and let’s continue to move money to meaning!